For once you will be in a position to assess your business’s critical numbers at the touch of a button, without requiring all the accounting jargon to make sense of it all.

Quickly assess how to improve profitability, increase cashflow and exponentially increase the value of your business.

Better understand topics such as:

  • Marginal cash flow
  • The 7 Pedals to accelerate your business’s performance
  • Grasping the 3 factors that affect your Working Capital
  • The Quality of your Cashflow
  • Many more insightful reviews

You will be able to do scenario planning within minutes and evaluate different scenarios merely by adjusting one or all of the 7 Pedals.


Accountant’s roles today with the new technology available are no longer mere number crunchers, but invaluable business advisors.

Why not earn additional income for your practise with our easy to use, available everywhere software tool with features such as:

  • The Value of One
  • Business Value indicator
  • Marginal Cashflow analysis
  • Ratio analysis and many more invaluable features

Your instant value added services to your client’s will be immeasurable and will justify you generating additional fees, because you will be head and shoulders above your competition.

Business Coaches /
Financial Advisors

Even if you do not have an accounting background, this tool will provide you with all the critical measures of performance for your client’s business.

Armed with the Cash Flow Trail tool, you won’t only be a sounding board for your client’s, or the marketing guru, or the strategic thinker, but now you too can add substantial financial value and sustainable growth insights stress tested within your client’s own business environment.

Business Incubators

Business incubators fulfil an invaluable function as advisors to start-up, growing or mature companies.

Access to our Cash Flow Trail software will ensure that you are at the leading edge of technology and in a better position to provide value adding advice, simplified for all to understand.

From experience many entrepreneurs, even those who have been in business for many years, still fail to clearly understand the difference between concepts such as cash and profit.

Now with this software, they will probably for the first time clearly understand what these terms mean, how to control them and how to adjust the 7 Pedals for enhanced performance.

Getting to grips with the 3 factors directly impacting working capital and seeing how small changes in either of these can have a huge beneficial impact on their cash flow is eye opening.