Profit is the most common measure used to assess a business’s performance and economic viability. It allows one to compare the current results against benchmarked prior months, years or other competitors in the same industry.

Grasping the terms of gross margins, operating margins, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortizations(EBITDA) and net profit are crucial to making calculated decisions to improve the business’s performance.

These metrics are good indicators of whether your business in going in the right (envisaged) direction or not, and whether it will achieve the required returns of its stakeholders.

Our simple to use dashboards will give you instant results and insights into potential areas of improvement by means of graphs and tables.

Working Capital

One of the least understood but one of the most important concepts for the success of any business and its sustainable organic growth.

Our unique software will breakdown what 3 elements make up working capital and show you where your entity’s funds are being used or tied up, how much of a funding gap you have and disclose your funding requirements for future sustainable growth.

Clear and jargon free visual displays of your business’s cash flow cycles through the business will be highlighted and allow you to project improvements and see the amazing impact of adjusting the 7 pedals.

Other Capital

The largest incentive for being in business is generally to acquire a return on capital invested, which is better over the long term, than the return achieved from another less risky source.

Now you will be able to understand exactly what returns your business is generating with the use of your cash, equipment and other resources.

Measures such as the return on capital, return on total assets, return on equity, asset turnover and many more will now allow you to make informed decisions about the direction that you want your business to go in.


With the current pandemic making trading conditions ever more difficult, funding resources are more than ever under the microscope.

Financiers will only assist lenders if they are assured that the lender’s business is in a position to make sustainable and regular debt repayments, to service this debt.

By speaking your banker’s language, our tool will allow you to allay your financiers concerns by showing them what your debt to equity ratio, debt to capital ratio as well as your interest cover metrics are.

Knowing and understanding how these metrics affect your business’s potential to grow and access additional funding is fundamental to your future success.

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