Welcome to the start of your path to financial success and prosperity.

With more than 30 years of Executive Financial management experience, I have had first hand experience of the financial challenges facing ALL businesses regardless of their industry sector or size.

I have worked in several multi- national corporations, medium sized private entities as well as small start-up businesses (having owned several of these myself), and the biggest problem facing all of them was not the lack of ideas, products, capability, human resources, effort or market acceptance.

The real problem for all of them was CASH!

More specifically the timing and availability of the cash or funding.

Most businesses can get by with limited operational capacity, mediocre personnel and even below average products or services, but NO business can effectively be run without access to cash and funding in particular.

Small start-up businesses need cash to initiate their operations, buy inventory and consumables, pay rent, telephone and other operating expenses and get off the ground.

Medium sized businesses too face similar challenges, albeit at different times in their life cycle and in varying value of funds, in order to scale their operations to the next level.

Multi-national corporations due to the sheer size of the operations and funding requirements just to keep the ship steady, have even bigger cash requirements.

So it is fact that unless you are able to better understand the uses of your business’s cash needs (where the money is going) and the sources where the funding is coming from and at what speed that is happening, you will struggle to build an asset of value and make a profit, thus enabling you to live out your dreams.

I have realized early on in my career that most individuals involved in business, either as entrepreneurs or employees, have a very basic understanding of this cash flow concept.

It was for this reason that I decided to develop a robust yet simple, financial tool that will enable any person with or without any accounting knowledge to be able to within minutes understand their business’s cash flow through their business.

I have made the complex simple and avoided using all the off-putting accounting jargon, so that the layman may be able with instant access to values, graphs and guidance, be in a position to understand what their business’s numbers mean and facilitate rapid decision making in an informed manner.